Transaction Policy | Payment Policy

What are the payment options?

Credit Cards: We accept the following payment methode: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, JCB, ELO, and PayPal. If you’re having trouble checking out, please email us at so we can help.

PayPal: We accept PayPal on both desktop and mobile. If you have a balance in your PayPal account, that balance will automatically be used before your backup payment method (which you’ll select at the time of purchase).

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal both with an account and without an account.

• At the Billing stage of the checkout, select the PayPal option, then click the "PayPal" button. Make sure any pop-up blockers are disabled.
• Log in to PayPal and review your account info. We'll deduct from your PayPal balance by default, but you can choose an account to draw from if your balance doesn't cover the full cost. You don't need to enter a billing address.
• Click "Agree & Continue" to complete your order.

I’m getting a payment error when I try to check out. What can I do?

If you’re getting an error message when trying to submit your payment, there’s probably an error or a typo in your billing information.

If the error message says “Your payment details couldn’t be verified. Check your card details and try again,” the issue is probably either the credit card number or CVV you entered.

If the error message says “Security code was not matched by the processor,” the issue is probably the CVV you entered.

Please note, if the shipping addresses do not match the billing address, we will manually review the order to ensure the order is not fraudulent. This may involve contact by multiple methods submitted. If we are unable to confirm the order, the order will be cancelled and refunded. 

I was charged more than once for an order. What happened?

If you see multiple charges for the same order on your statement, check your email to see how many order confirmations you received.

If you only received one confirmation, chances are only one of the charged orders went through. The other charge(s) on your statement will disappear in 2-3 business days. If you continue to see these duplicate charges, email us.

If you didn't receive any confirmation, none of the charged orders went through. Try placing the order again, double-checking that all billing and shipping information is correct. The charges on your statement will disappear in 1-2 business days. If they don't, email us at

Note about credit card payment details:

If you choose a direct payment gateway to complete your purchase, then Shopify stores your credit card data. It is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Your purchase transaction data is stored only as long as is necessary to complete your purchase transaction. After that is complete, your purchase transaction information is deleted. does not store your payment information. 

If you have any additional questions about payments or refunds, please contact us at:

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886 W. Rialto Ave
Rialto CA 92376
Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm
We respond within 2 business days